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Business Grade vs. Consumer Grade Computers

Business vs Consumer Grade PCWhy the "Great DEAL" isn't such a "Great DEAL"

So you need a new computer for your job. A computer at one establishment is $400 and a computer at another establishment is $700. Many people think that they are getting a "deal" when they can get the same type of product for less money at one store versus another. But, a computer is a computer, right?

In the world of business, the answer is a resounding NO!

When purchasing a computer for business use, you need to choose wisely. Not all computers are created equal, even those that seem to be similar are not. Below are a few pointers as to why purchasing a business grade computer from a verified establishment is beneficial to your business and your wallet.

Demand & Reliability Consumer PCs are built by the masses and operate efficiently for about 2-3 years (if you are lucky). Business grade PCs are built on-demand and are built to last 3-5 years. Business grade machines are also built with higher quality using higher quality components (processors, graphics cards, memory and hard drives).

Business grade computers are built for business and consumer grade computers are built for personal, home consumers. Consumer PCs are not built to connect to a business network, period.

Trying to configure a consumer grade PC to a business network can take a knowledgeable technician days (and a lot of money) to get it to work properly. In the end, you will spend more money trying to make it work than you would have just purchasing the business grade computer in the first place.

Security Business grade computers have features that are business-appropriate such as fingerprint readers on laptops, remote desktop control software and encryption tools. The Professional grade operating system that comes on business PCs are another important feature that distinguishes . The software includes the necessary features to properly and cleanly connect a PC to a business network and other business equipment as needed.
Warranty Consumer grade machines do not carry the lengthy warranty that business grade PCs do. A business grade PC generally has at least a 3 year warranty. Consumer grade PCs generally have 1 year warranties. Business PCs are able to get dedicated support (priority over consumer grade machines).

Overall, when choosing a new PC (or any technology for your business), it is best to purchase business grade equipement up front, where you are guaranteed that this equipment is built to higher standards and quality than a consumer grade machine. Purchasing a business grade machine, at a higher cost up front, will pay off in the long run with increased reliability, less frustration when troubleshooting and the beauty of having professional grade features.

Contact the sales team at Vantage Point Solutions Group for your business equipment needs.

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